Yin & Reiki Chakra Balancing Workshop with Heather and Mary-Heather

February 9, 2019 1:00-3:00 $45+tax

Join Heather and Mary-Heather for this tranquil 2-hour Yin and Reiki Yoga experience that combines classic Yin postures with the powerful effects of Reiki energy. While you release physically through the Yin postures you will have the added bonus of being immersed in the calming qualities of the energetic healing practice known as Reiki. This class will include 2 hands on Reiki treatments creating a trans-formative experience to clear and open the energetic channels (meridian lines). It will help balance your energetic centers (Chakras) and encourage a deep state of relaxation. Ultimately reducing stress and anxiety, leaving you with a deep sense of peaceful equanimity.

This class has always SOLD OUT …. Please sign up early to avoid disappointment.

Only 16 spaces are available.

Pre-registration is required.

Payable in person at MountainGoat Yoga centre, via e-Transfer to [email protected] or register now to pay online. Please indicate the name of the workshop when paying by e-Transfer.

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