Summer Merge: Baby n’ Me & Prenatal Yoga Series

June 4, 2024 - June 25, 2024 10:30-11:30 am $120+taxes Justine

Over the summer we are offering a unique opportunity to join together, both prenatal and postpartum mothers alike, in a merged class. Many of the yoga poses we utilize prior to delivery, focus on lower back and pelvic balance, and many of the poses in postnatal, continue to address the same concerns, with the addition of alleviating the strain in the upper body, for the added weight being carried in our arms.

It takes more than just a village to help us raise our children, it takes community, which at Mountain Goat yoga, we pride ourselves on having an overflowing heart full of. Share with other parents, stories of joy, and sorrow, in this supporting environment, where connections and friendships can grow.

Plenty of modifications will be offered for everyone, as these classes are adaptive, moving with the moments we are in, and sometimes turn into baby led classes 🙂

Please seek your doctors advice before starting any new physical activity while pregnant, and postpartum, for your and baby’s well-being.

Workshop must be booked in the Student Portal

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