Meditation & Breathwork in Practice (4-session series)

November 4, 2022 - November 25, 2022 7:00 - 8:00 pm $100 plus tax Chris

How can you sprinkle a bit more peace and calm into your everyday life? What are some easy strategies to help manage your stress? We invite you to be kind and compassionate to yourself, to foster inner peace as a foundation for all that is to come. You may not be able to change what happens around you, but you can definitely practice calmer ways of coping with it all.

Join Chris Klerian (M.Ed. in Human Development, meditation guide, yoga instructor, and energy therapist) in this four-part series. We will explore different relaxation and meditation techniques with a focus on breathwork. You will leave this series feeling more comfortable in accessing the tools in your mindfulness toolkit–no matter what you’re going through.

All levels and abilities welcome. Bring your mat, a blanket, a pre-filled water bottle, a journal, and a pen. Chairs, bolsters, and blocks are available at the studio.

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