Level 1 Restore: Pelvic Floor Health & Stability (3 class series) with Justine

March 19, 2023 - April 2, 2023 1:30 - 2:30 pm $90 plus tax Justine McNaught

Join in this workshop that is specifically designed to educate, and engage us in better pelvic floor, core health, and stabilization of this often misunderstood, and under-appreciated area of the body.

Our pelvic floor supports so many functions, so whether you are seeking relief from one of the myriad of pelvic floor health challenges (chronic pains related to pelvic floor conditions, LBP, postpartum recovery, incontinence, constipation, diastasis recti), or want to be proactive, this class is for you!

All levels of yogin’s are welcome, as we will work gently with modifications in your reach, through a gentle series of stretches, postures, and breathing practices, all tailored to help us better access better awareness of our bodies.

This is part one of an optionally continuing series. Please come early, to set up and ask any questions. If you miss a class, please email for missed material to catch up before the next class, as we cover a lot of material in each class.

March 19 – April 2

Workshop must be booked in the Student Portal

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