Intro to Arm Balances and Inversion Workshop with Julie

November 20, 2021 1:00 - 3:00 pm $40 plus tax Julie

This workshop is for students who want to start feeling comfortable getting upside down.


Arm balances can be intimidating, challenging and even a little scary. But they can be a great opportunity to increase your self-confidence, improve your focus and balance, build core strength and yes, have some fun.

Students often over-rely on force when working on these poses rather than learning to understand the essential mechanics, actions and movements of the physical body. Balancing on your arms does not mean having strong arms and putting all your weight on them, but rather learning to shift your weight, engaging other muscle groups (like your core) and counter-balancing so your arms hold the least amount of weight possible.


  • Building a sequence with a solid foundation; a fun flow of poses to warm up the muscles groups that need to engage to accommodate the poses we will be working on.
  • Help the student understand the mechanics and leverage of arm balances to make these inspiring poses more attainable.
  • Break down the principles of the poses safely and with proper alignment. Using the wall and props to support each phase of the pose.
  • Modifying as needed so that each and every student builds confidence as you progress from one stage to the next.

What will be covered:

A wide range of arm balances and inversions from the basics to the more complex and challenging. These may or may not include (time dependant); plank (low & high), side plank, crow, side crow, flying crow, flying lizard, Pose dedicated to the sage I & II, feathered peacock, handstand & handstand.


Give the students a deeper sense of courage and knowledge so that they can come into the poses with greater mindfulness & ease. Supporting the students journey on and off the mat.

All students are welcome as everyone can approach this at their own pace and comfort level. Choose to challenge yourself or learn the basics steps.

The class will be an open forum for trying new things, reviewing old ones, and refining arm balances that remain a challenge for you.

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