Equinox Bhakti Event (Adults) – Kirtan & Potluck with Justine Hoang (The OMBuds)

March 21, 2020 4:00pm - 6:00 pm (Kirtan) | 6:00 pm onwards - Potluck $25+tax (Adults) | $12 youth | Children 12 and under are free Justine Hoang (The OMBuds)



“Imagine being established in a state of bliss, singing through the hearts of all beings” ~Sri Dharma Mittra

Bhakti Yoga is a devotional path which is practiced by many yogis, for its ease of acquiring the taste of divine bliss. It is exercised through the recitation and/or chanting of powerful mantras and bhajans (spiritual songs), which serve to quell the chattering in the mind and to purify the heart.

The beauty and effectiveness of Bhakti Yoga stems from its sheer simplicity; anyone can do it, for all it requires one to do is to sing and surrender to the profound mind-soothing effects of the mantras and music. And, as kirtan is a group-based practice, the vibrations raised as a result of many beings coming together to create a highly charged space, can ultimately lead to the experience of feeling deeply connected to Source and to all beings.

You owe it to yourself to check out this amazingly therapeutic, heart opening and balancing practice…a perfect way to celebrate the Spring Equinox and to ring in the season of new beginnings!

We will follow up, for those who wish to stay, with a vegan/vegetarian potluck dinner. This is the perfect complement to the Kirtan, as it allows for more opportunity to connect with the community, and to observe the tradition of prasada, which is a spiritual offering in the form of food, made available to everyone to enjoy! Should you wish to participate, we would grateful to accept your plant based food contributions. To facilitate the clean-up and to reduce waste, may we also kindly request that you bring your personal plate/bowl and cutlery? We thank you, in advance, for your consideration. All are welcome!

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