Creative Mindfulness: Mandala Stone Art Workshop & Hot Stones with Victoria & Cindy!

January 20, 2024 - January 20, 2024 2:00 - 5:00 pm $85 plus tax Victoria & Cindy

Join Victoria from Soul Stones Studio to create your own natural mandala stone. This workshop will introduce you to the healing qualities of the mandala using the dotting art technique. This is a unique experience, a relaxing journey – and a practice in creative mindfulness. Also super fun!

Mandalas have a long, beautiful history and are recognized for their deep spiritual meaning. They are a representation of our inner reflection and our connection to the universe, the circles of the sun, moon, earth … and family, friends and community.

The process of creating Mandalas is about self-healing, self-expression and self-exploration. Your feelings and instincts guide you through this creative process. The very nature of creating a Mandala, it’s healing geometric designs, is both therapeutic and symbolic.

Our workshop begins and ends in a circle of connection wholeness and unity. A guided chakra meditation will allow you to energetically connect deeply within and help to guide your colour choices and intention for your unique soul stone. Cindy will introduce her hot stones to help ground and connect.

No experience at all is required! All materials are supplied and you will take home a beautiful and meaningful natural mandala stone. Tips and Tools will also be given on how you can continue this beautiful activity at home.

Workshop must be booked in the Student Portal

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