Yoga has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a former gymnast, I was initially drawn to yoga for its physical benefits such as building strength and improving flexibility. Over the years, as I began to struggle with grief, compassion fatigue, and anxiety, I started to turn to my mat on a deeper, more spiritual level. It is here where I began tuning in to the incredible mental health benefits of yoga; all of which I felt compelled to share with others through teaching. My classes aim to provide you with an escape from the daily mind chatter, an opportunity to heal through movement, a means to build resiliency through breath work, and, ultimately, a chance to return home to yourself.

 Off of my mat, I also work as a veterinarian in a busy emergency room (hence the need for a regular yoga practice!).

 I look forward to flowing with all of you in the studio.

– Dr. Vanessa Papiernik

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