I was initially drawn to yoga to support my life in running and racing. After some sports injuries and a stressful career, yoga became an exploration of slowing life down and connecting more deeply to the breath, mind and body.

I have been attending yoga classes for a decade but became a yoga teacher after retirement in 2018. The journey of connection to myself and others is a continuum of the richness that yoga brings to my life. My classes provide an opportunity for us to explore the many facets of yoga (from history, philosophy, asanas, breathwork and more) together. I remember to approach yoga with a curious and open mind. I remain grateful every day that I may be a guide for others to learn whatever may speak to them on a given day.

I completed my 200-hour Hatha Yoga teacher training with the Pranashanti Yoga Centre and I am currently enrolled in the 300 hour Hatha yoga teacher training and a Yoga for Arthritis certification program.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on their mat.

Om Shanti.

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