Natasha Villeneuve (Guest Teacher)

I discovered the incredible practice of Nia in 2017 and instantly fell in love with all aspects of it. My body, mind and spirit had been craving a movement practice that incorporated uplifting music, body connection and awareness, community and dance…and I found it! As a holistic nutritionist with a passion for health, I truly value the mind-body connection and recognize the critical importance of joyful movement for optimal health and well-being.  In 2019 I decided to leap into an intensive white belt training so that I could explore Nia further and share the benefits of Nia with others. What I experienced during the training was magical. Not only did we move, we also discovered, explored, played, felt, released, and connected. Since the training, I have been practicing Nia regularly and have noticed improvements in my energy, focus, mood, strength, and health. Nia leaves me feeling healthy, centered, grounded and joyful. I hope you will join me in my Nia classes!  Natasha Villeneuve, Holistic Nutritionist is the lead of The Natural Food Pantry Education Initiative and is a licensed Nia Blue belt instructor.

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