I love nature. So you will find me, walking through the woods with my dogs and feeling grounded with the earth beneath my feet surrounded by the trees. Planting a garden, tending to it and watching it grow, then harvesting the foods to share with family and friends or just floating on my back in the water (summer) or in the winter making snow angels with the grandkids.  

I discovered Qi Gong years ago when I was in a very stressful time in my life. I only recently got back into it since I’ve retired from the work force and loved it so much I decided to teach it to others to help them. 

I love nature, so doing Qi Gong connects me to nature even if I am in a yoga studio. Qi Gong incorporates what is going on in the universe into all our moving and standing postures. I love to work less, stress less and get more energy and peace of mind.

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