Cindi started practising and teaching yoga almost 45 years ago and, although a lengthy hiatus ensued during which time education, children and career took over her life, she always knew she would return to yoga. Fifteen years ago, Cindi resumed a regular practice and, in that time has studied with teachers of Power, Bikram, Hatha (including Hot), Moksha and Yin styles. Currently teaching Restorative Yin, Cindi feels blessed to instruct and practice at MountainGoat where the teachers are knowledgeable, energetic and committed and the students are engaged and enthusiastic. Cindi believes that the practice of yoga should be joyful. In her classes, she encourages students to take what works for them and let go of what doesn’t. Connecting breath to posture, focusing on the present moment and going to your personal “edge” are all components of a satisfying yoga practice. Finally, and most important, practising loving-kindness and compassion toward yourself and all living beings will invite santosha (contentment) into your life. Remember, when you show up to class, you’ve already done the hardest part! Namaste.

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