I started doing yoga almost 20 years ago, and as many young girls do, I decided to try yoga because of the physical benefits. And I’ll never forget how light and calm I felt after that first class! I just love how strong I feel when I get my body flowing through a yoga sequence!

But, as I continued practicing I realized how beneficial yoga was becoming for my mind, and how strong my mind could feel too. I started thinking about becoming a yoga teacher about 10 years ago, and during the pandemic I realized it was finally time to do it!! My eyes were truly opened to the beautiful world of yoga! How we can use our breathe to help ease our movements AND ease our brains. How the practice of yoga goes far beyond the four corners of the mat, and how it will be a lifelong journey. I’ve always been an active person, being a competitive cheerleader as a young adult, then either playing softball or soccer in the summers, and snowboarding and skating in the winters, I like to keep moving. I believe yoga and meditation have become the perfect balance for my active lifestyle!


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