We are re-opening August 3

Stage 3 is finally in reach and we are so happy to be getting back to business. In the next few weeks, we will adjust the studio space and schedule based on the newest provincial guidelines and restrictions, so that we can welcome you all back to a safe and secure studio. As we come together, everyone’s safety is our main priority!
With the easing of restrictions weaving into the mid-summer heat, MGY will re-introduce its traditional Summer Siesta between July 26 and August 2. More than ever, it gives our wonderful staff much needed time for self-care and reconnection with family and friends.
So, mark your calendars for Tuesday, August 3, as our reopening date.
MGY wants to ensure that everyone is safe and supported at all times as we ease into stage 3. For this reason, we will continue with the 8-week programming until contact tracing and social-distancing is no longer required and we have collectively won the battle against this pandemic.
Please remember that while stage 3 is welcome news to everyone, its challenges to all businesses in our community continues.  Be patient with us as we navigate changes that need to happen in order for us to move into recovery & rebuilding mode.  Kindness & compassion are appreciated!
On Tuesday, August 3, we will be moving into week 2 of our 8-week session. We are excited to be able to add extra spots to each class, however we must continue to safely maintain a 2‑meter distance between each participant.
The Re-Opening Plan:
All class cards will be amended to reflect the changes that have to be made to accommodate the new dates.

Any student affected by changes made to the schedule will be contacted with options that work for both parties. It is important in our recovery that each spot is filled while accommodating everyone as much as possible. Flexibility is appreciated.

Every student previously registered for a class will receive a reminder.

Every student on a waiting list will receive confirmation of registration.

All classes for the session are prepaid. Class cards can be purchased online or through e-transfer at [email protected]. Please confirm the number of classes required for the session before making your purchase.

Payment must be made within 24 hours of confirmation or students will be removed from the class and the next person on the waiting list will be added.

Any student wishing to register for this summer session can send a request to [email protected]

Registration is on a first come/first served basis.

Registration is open now and will be ongoing.

The updated schedule in available here.

Welcome back everyone! Thank you to each and every one of you who have been on the receiving or giving end of the vaccine. Working together is what will keep us together!
In friendship,


May you be well and protected.

May the earth be abundant for those who know the land as sacred.

May the leaders of this land make wise decisions.

May all beings, without exception, know ease.  

Peace, peace, peace.

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