We are re-opening! Classes will resume as of February 19.

Safety Protocols

We would like to assure you that MountainGoat Yoga and its team are following all provincial and city COVID-19 safety protocols as we re-open our studio.

Please download the COVID Alert mobile app and ensure that you perform the COVID-19 self-assessment before arriving at the studio.

Have you heard the GREAT news!!! Looks like we have a green light to open under ‘Orange’ or ‘Restrict’. Basically this was the level we were in when we were forced to close in December. This means we still have to honor the 3-meter distancing in the yoga room and max 10 people in our space. A 2-meter distancing is still the norm in the front lobby. Very important to remind all of you to arrive no earlier than 10-15 minutes before your class start time to avoid a mass gathering and to give students from the previous class time to vacate and to give us time to disinfect all high touch areas.

Please know that a thorough cleaning is done regularly to keep us all safe.

This situation continues to evolve and the message from the Government is simple; they won’t think twice about closing down businesses again if cases start to climb or if these new variants start affecting our numbers. So this is a test! Please continue to do your part to keep our numbers low.

As our last open day in December was on a Thursday, for logistical reasons we are reopening on Friday February 19. This allows us to flow back into the 8-week session with 5 weeks remaining. Anyone in a Friday class will be adding a class to their session. A confirmation email will go out for each class as a reminder to all participants. Please look for the class name and time in the subject line. If you know that you are registered for a class and you do not receive an email before Friday February 19 please reach out to us.

Here is a look at the remaining weeks.

Week 4: Feb 19 – February 28
Week 5: March 1 – March 7
Week 6: March 8 – March 14
Week 7: March 15 – March 21
Week 8: March 22 – March 28

Registration for the following 8-week session will take place mid-March. An email will go out announcing the registration.

For those of you on our waiting list for classes, we will contact you if anything changes. There are still a few spots left in some of the classes. If you wish to sign up please send an email to [email protected]

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be coming back to the studio with all of you. This pandemic has really solidified for me that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, that MountainGoat Yoga is truly an extension of my family, it fills my cup, and is an integral part of our community were we can come together for friendship, support, connection, health & wellness. I am forever grateful for the opportunity that MountainGoat Yoga has provided to each and everyone of us.

In Friendship, always,

VIDEO Ottawa Public Health COVID Wise Together – MountainGoat Yoga


May you be well and protected.

May the earth be abundant for those who know the land as sacred.

May the leaders of this land make wise decisions.

May all beings, without exception, know ease.  

Peace, peace, peace.

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