Hot Power Flow

Hot Power Flow is an energetic, dynamic yoga style that will challenge your strength, increase your focus and improve your range of motion.

Sweat, refresh & rest!

This class is 45 minutes of intense hot power followed by 15 minutes of restorative yoga. The balance Yang & Yin will prepare you for a great night’s sleep!

In this class, anything goes as long as it flows! This class is all about connecting movement and breath in sequences that are inspired by the strength of Power Yoga and the calming effect of mindful breathing. Expect something slightly different every week as we get creative, strong and sweaty. Core work will be integrated into the sequences and we will occasionally play with arm balances. But not to worry — short breaks will be offered throughout, as will options for modifications. Room temperature will average 90ºF. Bring a towel, water and your smile! Some yoga experience is helpful but not required.

This yoga class will lay the foundation for a regular Hot Power Yoga class. Practiced in a hot room, Hot Power Basics is a challenging class that is ideal for those looking for a more active and athletic approach to yoga. This is NOT Hot Yoga, but Power Yoga in a heated room. A variety of dynamic postures will be introduced to help stretch, strengthen and tone your body. You will learn to connect to your breath. Your stamina and stability will be developed through the introduction of sun salutations, balances, abdominal work, backbends, forward bends, hip openers, arm strengtheners and much, much more – try it you’ll love it! (Temp: 90-95F)  For students looking for a more vigorous approach to yoga.

A vigorous and athletic style of yoga practice. Practiced in a hot room this fun and challenging class will have you moving, sweating and breathing like you never have before. This is NOT Hot Yoga, but Power Yoga in a heated room. The classes are always a little different with a creative, eclectic mix of traditional and innovative yoga postures that are designed to build your strength, stability and stamina and to increase flexibility in tight overused muscles. Prepare to discover muscles you didn’t know you had. We strongly suggest that you have an understanding of Hot Power Yoga by starting with Hot Power Basics. (Temp: 90-95F) For students with power/ashtanga yoga experience.

Same as Hot Power Yoga, but practiced in a regular temperature room.

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