Hatha Flow with Sound

In this yin class there will be no music, no talking with the exception of the name of the pose and an indication of when to transition, no further verbal directions.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the names of the poses, you will have visual clues.

After settling into the pose, close your eyes to enhance the meditative qualities of this practice.

The teacher invites you to experience the perfect combination of energizing and calming yoga. Vin to Yin is half Vinyasa Flow and half Yin – combining both dynamic movements and transitioning to Yin Shapes that bring you into stillness. Vinyasa can be felt as meditative movement and Yin can carry you into an internal pause of inquiry. The teacher will guide you through both and into a blissful balance of Yin & Yang.

Practiced in a warm room this fun and challenging class will have you moving dynamically and rhythmically while connecting movement with breath.  The continuous flow of asanas makes this class feel like a dance.  Prepare to dance your asana off!

Practiced in a hot room, this fun and challenging class presents a series of dynamic movement and flow through a sequence of yoga postures. In this breath-centered practice you will move through creative sequences, building strength, flexibility and mindfulness. All-levels welcome!

Reduce and resolve pain and tension in the body using the SomaYoga Methodology.  The goal is to create more mobility, stability and strength through conscious movement using the least   possible effort with the most possible awareness.  We will be retraining the brain to combat and eliminate Sensory Motor Amnesia.

This ‘all levels class’, combines yoga postures with mobility training, providing a focus on joint health to improve and maintain active mobility.  Practice will work to expand the body’s functional ranges of motion along with increased neurological and muscular control.

This class is designed to awaken, strengthen and stretch your muscles in innovative and effective ways.  We will focus on a theme and /or body part/s while making use of various props, isometric strengthening movements and longer held stretches to really tone and lengthen the various muscle groups.  This is a great opportunity to diversify your practice and create alternative fundamentals to further increase the connection of mind-body awareness along with strength and flexibility. Some experience required.

Based on the traditional methods of Vinyasa yoga, a style in which the control of breath (Pranayama) is essential and sets the pace for your practice.

Utilize inhales and exhales through sun salutations (Surya Namaskar) and intelligently sequenced poses (Asana) to help build endurance, develop strength and increase flexibility.

Often described as meditation in motion, this dynamic form of yoga creates a sense of interconnectedness by exploring the Bandhas (Body Locks), Mudras (Hand Gestures) and Dristi (Gaze) within balancing poses, folds, twists, backbends, inversions and more.

This vigorous practice is a great foundation for the higher intensity Power classes and offers many opportunities to modify and challenge both experienced yogis and beginners.

(Room Temperature)


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