G’Night Yoga

This class will allow you to slow down and have a good night’s sleep… Alleviate stress on the nervous system – while grounding through gentle movement, breath work and comforting poses… The instructor will also incorporate basalt, hot stones to be self-administered to allow even deeper relaxation.

Practiced in a hot room this fun and challenging class will have you moving dynamically and rhythmically while connecting movement with breath.  The continuous flow of asanas makes this class feel like a dance.  Prepare to dance your asana off!

Reduce and resolve pain and tension in the body using the SomaYoga Methodology.  The goal is to create more mobility, stability and strength through conscious movement using the least   possible effort with the most possible awareness.  We will be retraining the brain to combat and eliminate Sensory Motor Amnesia.

Same as Gentle Hatha mixed in with some fun.

Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness ~ sleep with trace awareness also known as yogic sleep.  It occurs in the space between waking & dreaming consciousness.

This is a simple but powerful meditative/relaxation practice that offers benefits such as helping reduce stress and cortisol levels, improves sleep & concentration, can help reduce blood pressure and symptoms of physical pain as well as planting intentions for self healing & personal growth.

To practice students are invited to make themselves as comfortable as possible with props and blankets in Savasana (corpse pose) or in an effortless supported position. They close their eyes, become still and focus on the voice of the guiding teacher. Students are then guided through 8 steps/techniques including relaxation, sankalpha/resolve, body energy awareness & yogic sleep.    Aside from gentle movements to shift into a comfortable reclined position there is no other movement required in this practice.  Its accessible to everyone and there is no previous yoga or movement experience necessary. Leave feeling rested, refreshed and revitalized.


Enjoy the same wonderful characteristics of our regular yin infused with a little something special every week; breath work, guided meditation, sound healing with gongs or chimes, aromatherapy with doTERRA oils, Yoga Nidra and a long wonderful restful Savasana!

This class is perfect for those who would like to enjoy the benefits of yoga but are unable due in part, to the aging process or physical challenge, to sit for long periods on the floor or to easily go from a seated to standing position. The class will provide all of the benefits of a gentle Hatha class with the added support of a chair. Participants will do seated yoga postures to stretch, strengthen and balance, learn breathing techniques to expand their lungs, bring them focus and practice mindfulness to achieve a calm and relaxed sense of being.

This is an ease filled style of yin.  Practiced in a gently warmed room, with long holds (5-7 mins) in supported shapes intended to open the body, unwind the energy & relax the spirit.  Everyone is welcome.

This Yoga is designed for those needing more support, gentle transitions, modifications and mindfulness of limitations. A great class for the Young at Heart! This Hatha class will increase your strength, flexibility and balance, leading to greater health and vitality. All levels/ages are welcome.

This form of Yin Yoga is directed towards students who need a very gentle practice due to injury, stress or illness or who are simply looking for a softer and more supportive practice. It involves the use of props to allow the body to feel totally supported so that the body can relax and release. Poses are still held 3 to 5 minutes and up to 10 minutes. But students are always encouraged to listen carefully to their body and modify where necessary. Classes end with a longer Savasana and may include Yoga Nidra or guided relaxation. All levels/ages are welcome.

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