Functional Strength & Mobility (FSM). Combining aspects of a yoga practice (postures, breath and awareness) with mobility training to build and maintain functional range of motion, strength, and stability through increased neurological and muscular control. Weights, Theraband’s and other props may be used to explore and challenge the body.

Pelvic floor (PF) yoga focuses on building strength and stabilization of the pelvic floor while bringing awareness to the area, and the surrounding muscle groups, through strategic breathing, stretching and movement exercises. 

It is common for individuals with PF tightness or PF dysfunction to experience tension in their hips & low back, which can also spread to their knees, all the way to the feet, and/or up to the neck and jaw!

In many cases, individuals with PF dysfunction, carry both hypertonic (tense) and hypotonic (loose) muscles in their pelvic floor. Therefore, to work on strengthening the pelvic floor, we need to balance stretching and strengthening with relaxation.

For everyone!

Lengthen your whole body through this breathing meditation class, moving through extended transitions, with intentional and deliberate calm. With space between each pose, we can take time to breathe, focusing on greater body and mind awareness, allowing us time to assess, and refine alignment for improved strength and flexibility, while we repeat sequences a in slow, thoughtful pace.

For beginners to seasoned yogins. There is something for everyone.

I like to think of my virtual offerings as an invitation to share my practice, rather than teach a practice. I will be the guide and offer options along the way, but ultimately this is a chance for you to listen to your own body, tap into your own intuition and move in a way that makes sense for you.

The virtual space is perfect for an early morning yoga practice, you can roll out of bed onto the mat, no commute and you don’t even have to get out of your pyjamas!  Each 90 min class begins in savasana with a deliciously slow warm-up, building the energy with some asana before returning back to savasana. The last 15 min, which is optional, will provide space for meditation.

*While SunRISE Yoga is fairly accessible for all levels of yogis, because it is a virtual class I recommend students have some previous yoga experience and a sense of self awareness. 

Students can use their class cards, in the student portal, to register for this virtual class. Each class is one credit. Once you are registered, Valerie will send you the zoom link.


Moving consciously with attention. A class designed to support you during times of stress. Be in tune with your breath, your emotions, your thoughts and body sensations as you move through this mindful practice. No need to strain. Allow the tension, the chatter to drop away with each movement and each breath. Breathe in/Breathe out. Breathe into the areas of tension. Exhale and let go. Just be PRESENT.

Awaken, strengthen and stretch your muscles in the most effective way!

Specific themes targeting a diversity of muscle groups, the use of various props & innovation create a fun and exciting routine that will increase your connection of mind-body awareness along with strength and flexibility. Some experience required.

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