Free Anniversary Class: Yoga Nidra with Valerie

Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness ~ sleep with trace awareness also known as yogic sleep. It occurs in the space between waking & dreaming consciousness. This is a simple but powerful meditative/relaxation practice that offers benefits such as helping reduce stress and cortisol levels, improves sleep & concentration, can help reduce blood pressure and symptoms of physical pain as well as planting intentions for self healing and personal growth.

To practice, students are invited to make themselves as comfortable as possible with props and blankets in Savasana (corpse pose) or in an effortless supported position. They close their eyes, become still and focus on the voice of the guiding teacher. Students are then guided through 8 steps/techniques including relaxation, sankalpa/resolve, body energy awareness and yogic sleep. Aside from gentle movements to shift into a comfortable reclined position there is no other movement required in this practice. Leave feeling rested, refreshed and revitalized.

Class Schedule

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