Baby & Me: 4-week series

Baby & Me Yoga is inclusive yoga where new parents can join together, in an open space, welcoming both parents and baby, as they edge back into their practice. Unlike traditional yoga that moves through a continuous flow, Baby & Me yoga is adaptive, and works with the moments we are in, day by day, minute by minute, just as parenting reality is. This includes and open, and free space to stop during the practice to feed, changes, and care for your child, without feeling awkward, as you know, everyone in the room is also a parent, and this space is meant for you and baby to practice in your comfort. The class adapts to the moment and often that means, babies will help lead the direction of the class at times.

Classes center around pelvic floor, and diastasis recovery, through exercises and breath, and engaging in poses to help relieve the aches of postpartum recovery, as well as related strains of day-to-day parenting.  Each lesson includes baby massage to assist in sleep and digestion for baby, and ends in meditative rest, helping with sleep and relaxation in the days that follow as well.

Head holders to crawlers, each stage of development happens so quickly, and the classes are adaptive with variations and modifications for each week and leap along the way. Please do seek your doctor’s clearance before starting any new physical program, for yourself, baby, and your fellow yogini’s.

A secure link will be sent to each participant to join live virtually should you not be able to join in person.

This is part of our workshop/series and must be booked in the Student Portal

Class Schedule

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