About Us

Welcome to MountainGoat Yoga

Founded in Barrhaven in 2003, our goal was to create a peaceful and serene space offering yoga for everyone. We pride ourselves in being a boutique yoga studio with a big heart.  We’re able to get to know you on a personal level, and offer a large range of yoga services to suit your needs.

We welcome you to our yoga family and we are blessed to share this journey with you…on the mat.

About the Studio

Our specialty is serving EVERYONE! We offer a variety of classes from pre/post natal, Chair Yoga, Family Yoga, Junior yoga, Yin, Power and Meditation. We are also the only studio in the city to offer Yoga Warriors which is dedicated to active duty military personnel, veterans, first responders and their families, and others who have experienced PTSD, trauma, or who live with anxiety and depression.

Yoga is for everyone… it is for the willing, not just for the flexible. We offer a safe & supportive place to practice yoga at your own pace and level.

Main reasons to do yoga:

  • Good for your mind
  • Good for your health
  • Good for your breathing

Yoga is for everyone. Everyone is welcome.

Why a Mountain Goat?

Mountain goats reflect many of the same qualities we seek to develop in our own individual yoga practices. The Mountain goat’s surefootedness, innate balance and dynamic climbing abilities teach us how to create a solid foundation on which to stand and remain grounded while developing the confidence and determination to climb to new heights and new dreams in our own lives. We learn to travel traditional old paths as well as blaze new paths of our own. Their sheer strength and highly flexible skeletal system enables the mountain goat to maneuver its large body on and around precarious paths and ledges. It has been known to make leaps of more than 30 feet, landing on small rocky ledges barely big enough to stand on. This teaches us the relevance of remaining strong, flexible and faithful in our own abilities while stretching and reaching for our new quests and goals. The Mountain Goat is focused on moving forward step by step, leaping easily over obstacles with a steady, confident and persevering attitude. This energy helps us retain the balance and perspective, stamina and determination needed to continue our climb no matter what the terrain.

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