I took my first yoga class in 2010 to improve my fitness routine. I realized the restoring effects it had on my body. As my practice deepened, I was able to manage stress with pranayama and cultivate a sense of inner peace through meditation.

The more yoga taught me, the more I wanted to share with others, so I embarked on a journey to become a Yoga Instructor. My 200-hour training was based on Hatha and Yin yoga practices. During my training I noticed that many women were using yoga as a means of exercise during pregnancy. To further explore prenatal yoga I took an 85-hour prenatal teacher training. I learned just how beneficial prenatal yoga can be in maintaining functional movement, managing energy and reducing or coping with pain during pregnancy and labor. I’ve continued to develop my expertise through training with Bellies Inc. on preparing, recovering and restoring pelvic health and core function. I sequence all of my classes with a focus on managing physical energy and intensity while creating themes that inspire and deepen the experience. The most fulfilling aspect of my yoga teaching is being able to connect and grow with my students as we reach our goals, find balance and become more mindful each and every day.

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