As you may already know, the Government of Ontario has announced that as of December 26, 2020, the City of Ottawa will be entering another lockdown for 28 days. As part of this lockdown, yoga studios must close. This means that classes for the current session will be on hold until we are allowed to re-open.

This is yet another difficult barrier we must face to keep us and everyone around us safe. But, together we can do it. We’ve done it before. This lockdown may keep us apart physically but not energetically or spiritually.

With the ever-changing face of COVID and the challenges it brought our way this year and continues to bring, I am forever grateful for the work that I love to do and can continue to do. I am grateful that you have allowed us at MountainGoat Yoga to share in your wellbeing, your joyous occasions, your great, good and not so good days. And for the friendships that we have all made and will continue to make. Thank you for your continued support. Thank you for allowing me to witness random acts of kindness in a sometimes dark and hurried world. It gives me hope and allows me to see the love in every human being.

Gratitude to everyone who participated in our traditional Winter Solstice celebration. I look forward to this ritual each year as it allows us to come together as a community, to share in the celebration of light, not only in terms of brighter days to come, but our light within, and to reflect on the past year and make space for what we wish for in the coming year. It allows us to honor our connection to Mother Nature and to one another. We need each other and we need to protect and care for our fragile environment. This is the message I take with me this year.

If anyone needs me, you know where to reach me. Just call or email. I’m here. We are not going anywhere!

To our family & friends, may this new year bring you many blessings.

In friendship, always,

VIDEO Ottawa Public Health COVID Wise Together – MountainGoat Yoga


May you be well and protected.

May the earth be abundant for those who know the land as sacred.

May the leaders of this land make wise decisions.

May all beings, without exception, know ease.  

Peace, peace, peace.

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